I won’t let the Great North Run beat me !


This year I did my second Great North Run.

It didn’t go as planned – neither did the first one.

In 2010 I was excited and worried to be doing my first Great North Run. I felt I was ready to step it up to half marathon and even bought some road running shoes especially for it ( I am a trail runner so all shoes I had were trail or XC shoes).

I managed to get my shoes cheap because I worked for a sports company and occasionally they had a sell off of returned stock.

Unfortunately I wasn’t aware that these shoes were made for totally the opposite gait to mine which meant I suffered terribly towards the end of the run and didn’t enjoy the experience at all.

So fast forward 6 years and here I was again – ready to face my demons from 2010 and have another go even though I said I would never do it again !!

Why did I try again ?

Well each year I always go down to watch the finish at South Shields and get carried away with the whole emotion of the event (which is one of the reasons I did it the first time).

The atmosphere is phenomenal and nothing like it can be found anywhere.

So, after 6 years, I thought I was ready again. Unfortunately a couple of month before the event I started suffering from blisters on my instep on every pair of shoes I had. Double socking helped a little and I also started using gel insoles which also helped a little but on run day I was just so pre-occupied with my feet.

To cut a long (and already blogged) story I still didn’t finish well. I vowed NEVER to do it EVER again !!   EVER !!!!!!

SO – next year……….

I got to thinking – why should I let this beat me – why should it be such a struggle. I can do an 11 mile trail run after a pizza, few drinks and a late night the night before but I go to pieces with an extra 2+ mile on the road ? Crazy thought.

So I am going to try it 1 MORE TIME. If it goes to plan it could happen again. If not then I won’t – probably.



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